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Oatlhotse Ditlhobolo’s Remarkable Journey to Men’s Varsity Football

Transitioning from the familiar world of high school football to the demanding and competitive arena of Men’s Varsity Football can be an intimidating prospect.

However, for Oatlhotse Ditlhobolo, affectionately known as Foden, this journey has been a testament to the determination and the pursuit of dreams. Hailing from the rural village of Tlakgameng in the North West Province, this young football prodigy is making significant waves on the Varsity Football scene, and his story resonates with promise and potential.

"I joined the North West University team early this year but never had a chance to play in any competitive game since I joined the team. So, it means the 2023 Varsity Football [competition] is the first competition that I have been taking part in since I joined the NWU," Oatlhotse remarks.

In the last game against UWC, Oatlhotse was singled out as one of the standout players an thanks to his extraordinary ball-handling skills, lightning-fast speed, in-swinging crosses, and impeccable ball control. Despite the unfortunate loss suffered by his team, Oatlhotse's skills and unwavering dedication shone brightly in that match, leaving a lasting impression on both fans and pundits alike.

His defining moment came when he made his debut as a substitute against UJ. Positioned as the left-winger, he wasted no time in announcing his arrival on the pitch. His quick decision-making and exceptional ball control often left the UJ defence bewildered. His preferred strategy involves receiving the ball behind the defenders, capitalising on his breath-taking pace to ensure he reaches it first. This approach has proven instrumental in creating goal-scoring opportunities for his team.

Oatlhotse's impact has been consistent across all the matches he's played. His incisive runs down the left flank, combined with his ability to deliver precise through passes, have frequently come close to resulting in goals. What's even more impressive is that Oatlhotse initially began his football journey as a left-back before successfully transitioning into a forward, showcasing his remarkable versatility on the field.

When asked about the source of his motivation, Oatlhotse credits his more experienced teammates for providing invaluable guidance and inspiration. At just 20 years old, freshly out of high school football, he has made a significant mark in the Varsity Football tournament. He regards Varsity Football as the ideal platform for emerging talents to shine.

His goal is to turn professional and proudly wear the jersey of Kaizer Chiefs, a dream that burns passionately within him. With his unwavering dedication and burgeoning talent, it's a dream that appears increasingly attainable.

Oatlhotse 's remarkable journey in Varsity Football so far serves as a testament to the power of determination and the untapped potential within emerging footballers.

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by Phenyo Mokgothu

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