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UWC’s Leathan Croats sees a future in the PSL

Leathan Croats believes Ajax Cape Town Academy gave him the motivation to be where he is now – playing goalkeeper for UWC in the Men’s Varsity Football competition.

The 22-year-old UWC number one stopper used to be a midfielder growing up.

He is currently studying for a Higher Certificate in Economic Development and looking to move on to study BED in Languages and Life Orientation.

"Growing up I used to be a midfielder but I’ve always admired the goalkeeping position. At the age of nine, I decided to become a goalkeeper. Two years later I was playing for the Ajax Academy and that gave me the motivation to continue in that position," says Croats.

Croats have played for a few top clubs in South Africa before joining Cape Town side Antalyaspor JPM this season.

He was part of the Clarewood JPM FC when the side took part in the Nedbank Cup. He says he has now set his sights higher.

"In five years I would like to see myself either playing professionally for a PSL team, if not, I’d like to see myself qualified and teaching. The main goal is to be in a good state financially, health-wise and emotionally. As a goalkeeper, I think any footballer's dream in general is to go professional.And my goal is to just maintain a consistent performance in every match I play in and hopefully, the right offers will come knocking."

Croats say he plays FIFA (video game series) a lot and uses the platform to inspire himself in a way that he would like to use in the coming years. He believes the game inspires him to work hard.

"The soccer player I admire the most is Ronwen Williams. In terms of my teammates, the player I admire the most is Damian Overmeyer because of his hard-working mindset, his perseverance and his never give up attitude."

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by Ayanda Frances Felem

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