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UFS will dig deep against NWU

UFS forward Boy Rantsoti will be targeting a repeat performance on Thursday when they host NWU-Mafikeng in round five of the 2023 Men’s Varsity Football tournament.

The striker was simply sublime in round three when they earned their first win with a 1-0 victory against UWC at Shimla Park. However, last week UFS slipped up with a 2-0 defeat to VUT at home, and this has put pressure on the Free State outfit to reach the semi-finals for a third straight year.

NWU are former champions and will be a tough nut to crack, but the Lions are confident that they can return to winning ways in a game where victory is essentially non-negotiable.

Rantsoti says after their opening round draws they had to dig deep for the win and introspection was required as well. This is something they have adopted again following what was their first defeat of the season.

“The first two games weren't good for us as Kovsies, because we played to consecutive draws. Going into the UWC game, we had to dig deep as a team to get the result that we wanted and fortunately, it worked out perfectly for us.

“I had to work hard to make sure that I gave the team the points we needed and it finally happened against UWC.

“Before that game, I had to do some introspection on what I have done for the team in the last two games. I then told myself that I need to do better and I ended up scoring.”

Rantsoti adds that while the defeat wasn’t a setback, it’s now a matter of getting back onto the horse and fighting for a top-four finish.

“During the VUT game, things didn't go according to plan for us, but all is not lost.

“We have another chance to redeem ourselves this coming week against NWU and we will continue to fight for a semi-final.”

Thursday’s clash against NWU in Bloemfontein is scheduled to kick off at 18:30.

Full fixture list HERE.

Information on tickets HERE.

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