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NWU's defensive strength rests in goalkeeper Matane's hands

NWU Eagles goalkeeper, Kamogelo Matane, has emerged as a rising star with an impressive skill set tailored to meet the demands of the game. Hailing from the vibrant town of Mafikeng, this aspiring shot-stopper has captured the attention of enthusiasts through his exceptional adaptability and prowess across a spectrum of match scenarios.

Throughout this year’s competition, Matane has stood steadfast as the last line of defence for NWU. Over the course of four games, he has proven his mettle by thwarting numerous attempts against the team. Having conceded merely three goals while making a slew of crucial saves, Matane's performance places him among the standout performers for NWU.

Matane boasts a mastery of playing with his feet, adept communication with the defensive line, control of spaces and precision in releasing teammates offensively. These attributes which are crucial in modern football, underscore his strategic acumen and tactical finesse.

The journey into goalkeeping for Matane commenced in 2007, fuelled by the legendary Itumeleng Khune's inspiration. So profound was this influence that he embraced the moniker 'Khune' during his matches. Progressing from the grassroots, he joined NWU's ranks in 2021, marking a significant step in his blossoming career.

Matane's expertise extends beyond the field, elevating his understanding of the game's intricacies. Prior to donning NWU's colours, he exhibited his prowess with Mmabatho Rabbits, an indicator of his steady rise in the soccer arena. His vision encompasses becoming a professional goalkeeper, a testament to his dedication and passion for his craft.

Within the NWU team, his role holds integral importance, with ambitions to propel the team into the knockout stages of Varsity football. Matane perceives Varsity Football as a vital platform for young talents to showcase their abilities, potentially catching the eye of professional scouts.

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by Phenyo Mokgothu

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