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Lesego Motsepe dreams of conquering Europe

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

In the vast and competitive world of football, where dreams are born and champions are made, one name has been steadily ascending the ranks - Lesego Motsepe. He is representing NWU in the 2023 Varsity Football tournament.

Known affectionately as "Walker” by his peers, this young and exceptionally talented player hails from the football-crazed city of Johannesburg. But beyond his remarkable skills on the field lies a deeper story of passion and unwavering dedication to the sport.

From his humble beginnings at Balfour Alexandra Football Club to his aspirations of gracing European stadiums, Lesego's journey has become a testament to the power of dreams and relentless pursuit of greatness.

Lesego's love affair with football commenced at the tender age of 7, when he first laced up his boots to join Balfour. From the outset, his passion for the beautiful game radiated brightly, propelling him to excel at the club until he turned 13.

It was during this time that the footballing world began to take notice of his undeniable talent, eventually leading him to catch the eye of SuperSport United.

On the pitch, Lesego’s preferred position is the dynamic role of a right-wing back, where his lightning speed and impressive dribbling skills come to the fore. Nevertheless, his versatility extends beyond a single position, enabling him to adapt seamlessly to various roles as the situation demands.

The young football prodigy dreams of conquering the European football scene, setting an ambitious timeline for the next three years to turn that dream into reality.

Fuelled by his remarkable talent and unwavering determination, Lesego aspires to secure a spot in a top European club, where he can compete at the highest echelons of the sport and continue to evolve as a player.

Lesego says his Varsity Football experience has been a defining platform for his growth as a player.

“I am still nervous and anxious just as I was when I first stepped onto the Varsity field in 2019. But I have learned over time to channel these emotions into focused determination. I try to use humour in the changing room to help new players adapt to the pressures of the competition.”

by Phenyo Mokgothu

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