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Lehlohonolo Nkaekae giving his all for CUT

Hard work and determination are what the young CUT right winger, Lehlohonolo Nkaekae, prides himself on. And it is exactly what he has displayed during the first three rounds of the 2023 Men’s Varsity Football tournament.

The player, who considers himself to be a free-kick specialist, has already proved to be a threat with a stunning goal in the match against defending champions TUT. It is however not just his set pieces that enjoy a lot of attention, it’s his academics as well.

“For me to play in Varsity Football means a lot because it's been my dream since I came to CUT from the Bloemfontein Young Tigers,” says Nkaenkae.

“I've had to work hard for this. The hard work is in the training as well as in my academics because I had to get good grades to play. So, for me, this really means a lot.”

On his specialist skillset, Nkaenkae prides himself on his ability with free-kicks and set pieces. He says he regards himself as one of the best, but this too has required a lot of hard work and dedication.

“Converting free-kicks has been my thing since I was young. I've always had the ability to score from them. This is also something that I train hard for as well, and I do put in the extra practice to be better at my set pieces. I would like to think that I am the best at it, and I do consider myself to be a free-kick specialist.”

This week, CUT will travel for the first time this season as they head to the North West to face NWU on Thursday 17 August. Kick-off is at 18:30.

Full fixture list HERE.

Information on tickets HERE.


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