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Horn Twin Power on the Court as Goal Attack and Goal Keeper for WITS

With the Varsity Netball Wits Bumper weekend now a thing of the past, Wits’ historic first ever Varsity Netball win will certainly not be forgotten. In their debut Varsity Netball campaign, Wits managed to upset the Madibaz in a tightly contested affair, setting the Witsies up nicely ahead of the UJ Bumper weekend.

A unique part of the Wits team this year are Pretoria born twins, Alix and Amy Horn, who are both first year students at Wits University. Alix is currently pursuing a Bcom Accounting degree, while Amy is studying towards a Bcom general degree with psychology.

The twins bring versatility to the team as they are on opposite ends of the court, where Alix plays as a Goal Shooter (GS)/Goal Attack (GA), with Amy being a pivot in defence playing as a Goal Keeper (GK)/Goal Defence (GD).

Varsity Sports got the pleasure of catching up with Wits University’s exciting twin sisters, Alix and Amy Horn, to chat about life in Netball as twins.

When did the Netball journey start for you guys?

“My sister and I started playing Netball around the age of 8, but our real netball journey started when we entered Grade 11 and that’s where our dreams started becoming reality...” – Alix Horn

What inspired playing Netball?

“We grew up around family who loved Netball like my aunt was very involved in action netball, also coaching a South African side for a few years.” – Amy Horn

What’s it like playing together in the same team?

“Playing together in the same team isn’t something we’ve experienced a lot, even though it most definitely has its struggles. It is however amazing to be able to share the special bond that we have even on the netball court. Being a twin makes it competitive as we have always competed on all fronts, especially Netball and Academics but I think a bit of healthy competition between sibling helps you grow as your own individual player.” – Alix Horn

How have you guys taken disappointment, when one of you have been selected for something and the other hasn’t made it? (In Anything)

“It has been a big struggle and obstacle in our relationship, but we have learnt that it is a choice to support and cheer each other on. We also try our best to pick each other up and use it as motivation to work harder.” – Amy Horn

What does Varsity Netball mean to you guys?

“We grew up watching Varsity and Brutal Fruit Netball games at UP-Tuks, so I think being able to play here feels like a dream and gives us more motivation to work even harder to keep going on with this dream.” – Alix Horn

What’s the Varsity Netball tournament been like to you guys so far?

“It has been a dream come true and an amazing experience especially with the friendships I’ve made in our team. I’m very grateful for the opportunity that Wits has given us to even be able to play in the Varsity Netball tournament.” – Amy Horn

By S’fiso Nyawo

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