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Athletic abilities run deep in Craig Joemath’s veins

UWC captain Craig Joemath believes if he wasn't a footballer he would've been an athlete as he grew up loving running.

The 24-year-old final year BA Sports Recreation and Exercise Science student is seeking to promote the sport in all areas and improve the youth by creating opportunities using sports.

Joemath was born and raised in Mitchell’s Plain and played for a few top teams in Cape Town. He says running was another option.

"I feel I would have been an athlete, a sprinter or hurdler, as I was involved in track events throughout my schooling and usually did well in my events.

"I am a highly motivated individual who strives to do his best at all times. I always thought of myself as a natural leader, as I am responsible and dedicated in all aspects of my life.

"I fell in love with football at a very young age, always setting myself goals to achieve in each season, that way I was always motivated to do better and improve my skill."

Having played top-class football in the country, Jeomath recalls the toughest striker he has ever faced.

"The toughest striker I ever faced will have to be Mpho Erasmus, the reason being I can be having the most exceptional game, he gets one chance and he scores, and all my hard work throughout the game is wasted. He was very lethal in front of the poles, with loads of experience. They called him Benzema, so you can only imagine what he brought to the table."

UWC last had their hands on the Varsity Football silverware in 2015 and Joemath says the aim is to do so again.

“The goal and aspirations for this campaign would primarily be to win this year’s Varsity Football. The squad is buzzing, we have assembled a diverse squad of players with each individual contributing in their way. We are a group of warriors, full of ambition."

by Ayanda Frances Felem

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