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Madibaz won’t be bullied by Varsity Netball big guns

The Madibaz will not be overawed by the occasion during the 2023 Varsity Netball tournament.

Coach Lana Krige says her team have developed an attitude of being competitive, no matter who the opponents are, over the years.

“We are learning to keep that mentality for longer in our games and we are well-prepared. The girls are strong and mentally tough, and we are hoping that will be showcased on the court.”

The Madibaz Class of 2023 is a mix of youth and experience which gives a good balance to the team, the long-serving coach says.Several players have Varsity Netball experience and those in their 20s should work well with the four first years to add an exciting dimension.

Krige points out that her players are getting “better and better” despite having already played a long season.

“I believe that is because we have had a bigger squad which includes quite a few local players who know each other. That has been complemented by some girls from other provinces and that dynamic has been fantastic.”

The excitement around the Netball World Cup in Cape Town, as well as the development of men’s netball at Madibaz Sport, has offered extra motivation for the Madibaz to perform well. They have followed the same training programmes used in the lead-up to the recent University Sports South Africa (USSA) tournament in Stellenbosch.

“The USSA week is always tough because it comprises a group of different personalities who have to live, play, train and eat together for a week. That can sometimes take a toll on your performances,” Krige says.

“We have some strong characters in our squad, and I am looking forward to them pulling us through. In Varsity Netball, the focus is on just one weekend at a time.”

As important as it is to get a good start, Krige says their emphasis would be on executing their strategy rather than “going out there to chase results”.

Winning is important for building momentum but playing quality netball is also high on the agenda.

“We want to achieve our goals by successfully executing the targets we have set ourselves. Once you start chasing the scoreboard, you can lose your systems.”

Full fixture list HERE.

Information on tickets HERE.


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