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20 Jan 2023

#ShowUs how you're making a difference

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Join us in 2023 as we make a difference across South Africa. #ShowUs

At Varsity Sports, we believe in the power of community initiatives to make a lasting difference. We are launching a new CSI campaign called "ShowUs", where we're challenging university sports teams to participate in existing community outreach program within their university community or in the larger surrounding community.

This campaign provides an opportunity for participating universities to make a meaningful contribution and create positive change where it's needed the most.

Each week, our player of the match will be awarded a green arm band to raise awareness for the weekly spotlighted university community program. The purpose of this campaign is to actively engage and support causes that resonate with our teams and bring positive change to our surroundings.

During our games, we'll provide universities with a platform to talk about their community initiatives. Through halftime interviews, we'll shed light on the inspiring work they're doing to give them the opportunity to share the impact they're making in an effort to inspire others to join in and create a ripple effect of change.

How You Can Participate:

  • Adopt a Community Programme: Choose an existing or new community program at your university that resonates with your team.

  • Engage and Share: Get actively involved with your chosen program by volunteering, fundraising, or organizing awareness campaigns. Share your efforts on social media, and Varsity Sports will help tell your inspiring story by resharing it.

Together, we have the power to ignite change and create a brighter future for our communities. Join the ShowUs campaign and showcase the incredible initiatives that are fixing South Africa, one step at a time. Show us what you've done in your community, show us what you're doing to fix SA, and show us how you're uplifting those around you.

Join us in 2023 as we make a difference across South Africa. #ShowUs
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