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Spirits in NWU camp high, says Protea star Elmeré van der Berg

It is the first bumper weekend of the 2023 Varsity Netball competition and the impact of players who were in action for the national team at the recent World Cup in Cape Town will be interesting to see.

One of those that will once again grace the court at Varsity Netball isElmeré van der Berg, star shooter of the Proteas who was in action at the World Cup.

Originally hailing from Bloemfontein, Van der Berg represents NWU where she is currently studying towards a Sports Coaching and Human Movements sciences qualification.

Van der Berg chatted to Varsity Netball about her World Cup experience and what can be expected from this year’s tournament.

Please take us through your recent Netball World Cup experience.

“It was everything I could’ve imagined, I enjoyed it so much, it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience to represent the country on home soil. It was a huge honour and privilege to put the dress over my head and jog onto the court. Playing the sport I love in front of my family, friends, and the country was a huge honour.”

How do you adapt your game in Varsity Netball after having played in the World Cup?

“I will look to be more patient. I will be looking to also help my teammates around me to become better players and to support them. The most important thing will be to be patient and help the team where I can.”

How have the preparations gone ahead for Varsity Netball?

“The preparations before the tournament went well, the team worked hard but I could not be there for much of it because of the World Cup. I however know the team well and I know the spirit in the camp is also quite high in terms of us wanting to do well and win the Varsity Netball this year, so we look forward to coming out and playing our best.”

How has Varsity Netball played a role in your life and playing career?

“Varsity Netball has played a huge role in my career so far, as it provides a platform to play on [television], so the whole country can see you play. It’s also the top [eight] universities playing against each other and it’s always a big fight to see who will win. It’s also a huge honour to represent NWU and I look forward to playing with my teammates again, who I’ve been with for the past [four] years. Hopefully this year we can win the competition after coming so close last year.”

Full fixture list HERE.

Information on tickets HERE.

by S’fisoNyawo

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